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BL²END works towards the achievement of its mission
through a combination of three strategic initiatives:
Social Networking, Professional Development, and Community Outreach.

Social Networking 
Social Networking events, usually called BL²ENDers, provide participants with the opportunity to build networks and develop relationships with other young professionals of color. Through a variety of events ranging from after hours networking socials, to more casual events like bowling, participants are introduced to local businesses and ultimately have a chance to enhance their social networks while enjoying all that Grand Rapids has to offer. Email to learn more.

Professional Development
Professional Development events offer a variety of programs and presentations geared towards the young professional. Valuable information like how to begin investing, how to deal with a difficult boss, and how to assess your own skills and abilities is disseminated through many of our Professional Development events. During these programs participants gain new information on how to sharpen their professional skills, enhance their overall professionalism and grow both personally and professionally in an effort to take their careers to the next level. Email to learn more.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach activities give participants the opportunity to get involved in their community and make a positive impact. Participants make personal contributions and serve in various capacities including neighborhood clean-ups, connecting with youth, and collecting unused items to address needs at local non-profit organizations. Ultimately, participants improve and enhance local area conditions. These events help participants to see the value in building a relationship within the community that is reciprocal, where they can give back to the community and see what the community can give to them. Email to learn more.


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