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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organization is BL²END?
BL²END is a registered 501c6 nonprofit organization, governed and operated by a volunteer board of directors. BL²END is supported by partnerships with businesses and community organizations which provide in-kind donations and financial contributions through strategic partnerships. The organization is also supported by the annual dues of the volunteer board of directors and advisory council members. To learn more about strategic partnership opportunities, please contact us via email at

How do I become a member?
There is no formal membership to BL²END at this time. You can become involved with BL²END as a “participant” by attending our events and programs. Participation is open and free of charge.

Are there membership dues?
BL²END does not have a formal membership, therefore, no membership dues are required to participate. However, individual costs may be incurred when attending specific events such as BL²ENDers. As BL²END continues to grow, so does the need to sustain quality programming. If you are interested in supporting the group’s mission, please contact us at

Do I need to be a professional of color to join?
Of course not! Individuals of all backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to participate. BL²END believes that diversity and inclusion are imperative not only for individual growth, but to support Grand Rapids’ economic viability and desire to be competitive globally.

I'm interested in supporting BL²END, how can I help?
BL²END hosts monthly events, and is always in need of event hosts, sponsors, advisors, and partners, to advance and support our mission, solidify our foundation, and expand our reach. We welcome your contact for more information; email us at

Are there age requirements to participate?
No. BL²END is geared towards (but not limited to) young professionals of color ages 21 to 35. We encourage those outside of the target audience to participate in our events and programs to share their experience, network with, and mentor young professionals of color.

How often does BL²END have events?
To keep our participants highly engaged, BL²END offers at least one event each month. The monthly events rotate between Social Networking, Professional Development, and Community Outreach.

How does BL²END differ from other young professional groups in the area?
BL²END plays a critical role in attracting and retaining talented individuals in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Ultimately, we desire to keep young and diverse talent in the area. Our initiatives target the specific needs of young professionals of color, with a primary focus on individual relationship-building, opportunities to develop professionally, and a high level of engagement in the community we live, work, and play in. BL²END consistently provides an event each month, allowing individuals the opportunity to continually learn, connect, and develop, in several areas.

I'm an active participant, and really enjoy the events, but am interested in becoming more involved; how can I?
BL²END is committed to providing opportunities, to engage interested organization constituents, who desire a more intricate level of involvement. We welcome your contact to discuss available opportunities to advance our vision and mission; please email us at


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